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 Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, lie and oppression with Small was
honored by the prestigious Writer’s Digest

Imperfect Echoes: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, lie and oppression with Small is an inherently fascinating, thoughtful, and thought-provoking read that is very highly recommended for community and academic library Contemporary Poetry collections.” 

~Jim Cox, Editor-In-Chief of Midwest Book Reviews


And, Ta Da! Carolyn’s Multi Award-Winning 

Celebration Series of Chapbooks Co-Authored with Magdalena Ball

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A visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific inspired this poem that won the Franklin Christoph Prize for Poetry. Carolyn naturally included it in the Celebration Series’ book honoring our precious Earth, Sublime Planet. All profits from the book go to World Wildlife Fund.
See the poem below.

Endangered Species ©

A dragon, hiding as dragons
do, to pounce upon prey, shock

them into submission with forked
tongue, spiked tail, blue-green

scales, brimstone breath. But not
a sea dragon, this—nearly misnamed

a seahorse—dainty—
disguises herself in briney

fronds, sways with the current.
her delicate horn-shaped

snout trumpets silence.
Long like a dragon,

long as a water-lily stem,
soft, and—presumably,

slick. She flourishes
her leaf-like fins, the translucent

shade of her underwater forest
of amber seaweed pads, exactly,

matches her dance to that of the kelp
—ballet in slow motion

so the visitor to her underocean
home will not see her. She will take

them by surprise
with tenderness.

Carolyn readily gives permission for others to print her poetry upon request.

PALA presentation with Editor Robin Quinn and the legendary Dan Poynter

“Your talk was not only informative but also inspirational.” 
~ Libby Grandy, California Writers Club and 
author of Desert Soliloquy and other fiction.


Carolyn’s mother helped her memorize poems and dramatic sketches for beauty contests back in decades when the TV program Miss America was a viable route to a variety of careers for young women. She didn’t think much about those skills learned at her mother’s knee until she realized a skill for the dramatic might help with her book marketing and speaking. More recently she has been a finalist for Norwegian Cruise Lines Star Search and has appeared in TV commercials for the likes of Time-Life CDs, Marlboro, Blue Shield, Apple, Lenscrafters, and Disney Cruise Lines (Japan).

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