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“Yours was simply the most informative workshop I’ve ever been to. And your book is going to be, as Gordon Kirkland promised, tattered in short order.” ~ Jennifer Brown, attendee at Dayton University’s Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop

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“Carolyn Howard-Johnson is like three poets plus two writers all wrapped into one.” ~Suzanne Lummis, poetry instructor for UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and honored LA poet.

Each of These Books Is a “Frugal Ticket” To
Selling, Marketing and Editing your Books.

Winner USA Book News Business Book!

“Howard-Johnson has the comforting tone of a mentor and writes with the precision of a surgeon.” ~ Francine Silverman, author, editor, author’s advocate

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The Frugal Book Promoter, Third Edition! 

This multi award-winner, now in its third edition,  celebrates its 16th Anniversary as the flagship of Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers. For only a few cents a day the third edition of The Frugal Book Promoter assures your book the best possible start in life. The author was inspired to write this book full of nitty-gritty how-tos for getting nearly-free publicity for her UCLA Writers’ Program class. A former publicist, journalist, and retailer, Carolyn shares her professional experience as well as practical tips gleaned from the successes of her own book campaigns. She tells authors how to do what their publishers can’t or won’t and why authors can often do their own promotion better than a PR professional.

Since its first release almost two decades ago, this book has won multiple awards:


Winner USA Book News Award 

Runner-up in the how-to category for the Los Angeles Book Festival 2012 awards

Global Ebooks Award Honorable Mention

Silver Medal from Military Writers Society of America


“I’ve followed every one of Carolyn’s suggestions for my award-winning book, The Written Word,  so I’m confident I’ll gain every bit of exposure possible from this award. I learned long ago to do exactly as Carolyn says if I want to succeed and do it frugally.”
~ Aggie Villanueva, bestselling award-winning author and
 director of Book Promotion at Promotion a la Carte



How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically:
The ins and outs of using free reviews to build and sustain a writing career

is the culmination of nearly two decades Carolyn Howard-Johnson spent helping writers avoid pitfalls, misconceptions, and out-and-out scams perpetrated on unsuspecting authors . . . and helping them reach their dreams of great reviews, great book tours, and great launches. It turns out that Get Great Book Reviews is the essence for a successful marketing campaign that includes all those things and–more importantly–for building the readership necessary for a prosperous writing career.

Cover by Chaz DeSimone.

The Frugal Editor, Second Edition

There are gremlins out there determined to keep your work from being published, your book from being promoted. They—resolved to embarrass you before the gatekeepers who can turn the key of success for you—lurk in your subconscious and the depths of your computer programs. Whether you are a new or experienced author, The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success will help you present whistle-clean copy (whether it’s a one-page cover letter or your entire manuscript) to those who have the power to say “Yea” or “Nay.” Here are a few of the many awards and honors it received in both its first and second editions:

Cover by Chaz DeSimone.

Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers

Great Little Last-Minute Editing Tips for Writers is a handy little (and magical!) booklet that will help you avoid the gremlins lurking in your writing–the ones determined to embarrass you. You’ll feel more secure when you send out your blog posts, your business and query letters, or your manuscripts to those who can help build your career.


The Great First Impression Book Proposal:
Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Book in Thirty Minutes or Less

This booklet, now published in its second edition by Modern History Press, is the result of multi-award-winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s extensive work with clients who hate writing book proposals and hate learning how to write them even more. She found herself coaching them through the process rather than doing it for them, for who could possibly recreate the passion an author feels for his or her own book better than the author? In doing so, she found she had written a booklet—not a tome—that took her clients only about thirty minutes to absorb. Voila! The Great First Impression Book Proposal was born.

WinningWriters.com offered this booklet as an aid to the participants in their prestigious North Street Book Prize.


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If you need help with your writing career, let me share with you my experience as a publicist, journalist, marketer, retailer, and as an instructor at UCLA. Of course, the most frugal way to get the information you need is with my multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers. If I can help you with this or any of the other services I offer, please fill out and submit the brief form on the right. 

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A Guide and Links to all of Carolyn’s Books

Great Fiction
and HARKENING at Amazon in their new and used feature.
Both of these books are out of print. They are available only on Amazon's New and Used feature for about $1.

Great Poetry
Purchase TRACINGS (Finishing Line Press) at Amazon.
IMPERFECT ECHOES: Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters,  lie and oppression with Small

Give the gift of poetry with
a chapbook from
Magdalena Ball's
and My Celebration Series

CHERISHED PULSE: Unconventional Love Poetry
IMAGINING THE FUTURE: Ruminations on Fathers and Other Masculine Apparitions
SHE WORE EMERALD THEN: Reflections on Motherhood
BLOOMING RED: Christmas Poetry for the Rational
DEEPER INTO THE PONDCelebration of Femininity
SUBLIME PLANET: Celebrating Earth and the Universe

HowToDoItFrugally Series for Writers
Purchase THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER, Third Edition,
published by Modern History Press
an addendum to The Frugal Editor with more word trippers
GREAT FIRST-IMPRESSION BOOK PROPOSALS. Second Edition, published by Modern History Press

Survive and Thrive Series of HowToDoItFrugally Books for Retailers
Authors who understand what retailers need and want are more successful when they
pitch events (workshops, readings, seminars) to bookstores and other businesses.

Note: Most of Carolyn's books are also available for the Kindle reader.
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Note: Carolyn encourages authors to download her Multi-Use Media Kits at the top the Media Press Room Page, to use as a guide for writing their own Media Kit
in conjunction with the directions in the Third Edition of the Frugal Book Promoter, published by Modern History Press.