Celebrating Earth and the Universe
 As You Never

Sublime Planet
Celebrating Earth Day and
the Universe

A USA Book News Finalist
Featured in the Earth Day Issue
of Pasadena Weekly

Co-authored by multi award-winning poets
Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson


Sublime Planet is an e-chapbook and paperback published in the time-honored tradition of poets everywhere. This collection of ecologically oriented poems traverses a wide terrain, moving from the loss of species to the beauty of the natural world, from drought to the exploration of alternative planets. It's an exhilarating collection that breaks boundaries and leads the reader deep into the personal heart of perception. Released by award winning poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball to celebrate Earth Day, this is a collection of poetry that weaves the personal with the universal.


"Sublime Planet begins with Carolyn Howard Johnson's love poems to the living world, rapturous poems, expansive in spirit yet precise in detail: ‘An impossible moth,/dark eye at its center, opaque//helicopter blades buzz and blur... .’ In Magdalena Ball's darker meditations, hurt and thirst have entered the world facilitated, in part, by the machinations of civilization. While Howard-Johnson's poems praise, Ball's seem to sound a low warning. I recommend Sublime Planet particularly to those individuals who reside on the planet." ~ Suzanne Lummis, UCLA poetry instructor and LA's unique contribution to the poetry world

". . . a breath-taking book of poetry . . . "
~ Joyce A Kovelman, Ph.D., author

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She Wore Emerald Then
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As Featured in Delta Gamma's Anchora Magazine

About the Authors

Magdalena Ball runs The Compulsive Reader. Her short stories, editorials, poetry, reviews and articles have appeared in a wide number of printed anthologies and journals, and have won local and international awards for poetry (including the Roland Robinson literary  award), and fiction. She is also the author of two critically acclaimed novels Sleep Before Evening and Black Cow, a nonfiction book The Art of Assessment: How to Review Anything, and two other poetry chapbooks Quark Soup, and Repulsion Thrust. She also collaborates with Carolyn Howard-Johnson on poetry chapbooks like Cherished Pulse and others in the Celebration Series of chapbooks.  She runs a monthly radio program podcast and put out a very literary review newsletter.  

Carolyn Howard-Johnson's writes award-winning fiction and creative nonfiction.  They appear in national magazines, anthologies and review journals. She speaks on culture, tolerance, writing, and promotion and has appeared on TV and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. She was an instructor for UCLA Extension's Writers' Program for nearly a decade and has shared her expertise at venues like San Diego State's world renowned Writers' Conference, Dayton University's Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop, Greater Los Angeles Writers Association conferences, and SPAN's (Small Publishers Association of North America) annual conference. Carolyn  was  awarded Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by the California Legislature; her home town's Character and Ethics Commission honored her for her work on promoting tolerance and the Pasadena Weekly named her to their list of "San Gabriel Valley women who make life happen" for literary activism. Her nitty-gritty HowToDoItFrugally books are multi award-winners including , USA Book News' awards, the Irwin Award, Next Millenium awards and more.  Tracings, was honored by the Military Writers' Society of America  for excellence. Published by Finishing Line Press it is available on Amazon.

She blogs at Sharing with Writers, a Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites pick, and on The Frugal, Smart, and Tuned-In Editor.

About the Photographer


Ann Howley



Ann Howley came to photography through her love for travel. She photographs nature, landscape, and travel and has adventured on all seven continents in search of her images. She has trekked on the Inca Trail, to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, to Mount Everest base camp, and walked 500 miles along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. She has been up close and personal with penguins in Antarctica, polar bears in Canada, and mountain gorillas in Uganda. Ann received a Culture and Arts Honorable Mention from Smithsonian Magazine and has been featured twice in the Member Showcase of North American Nature Photography Association. Her photography was included in Suenos/YumeFifty Years of the Art of Dora De Larios which won for Best In Show Book Design by the American Advertising Federation. Ann graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) and practiced as a Certified Public Accountant before moving on to explore photography full time. She is studying graphic and web design at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension. She has designed a perpetual calendar based on her nature images. Her greeting cards and calendar are available at etsy.com/shop/AnnHowleyPhotography and matted and frame prints are available through gallery shows and can be individually ordered by contacting her at ann@annhowley.com.

Reviews for Sublime Planet

Reviewed by Karen Cioffi

Gearing up for Earth Day, Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball are releasing a brand new collection of poems titled Sublime Planet. The collection features relevant poems by Carolyn and Magdalena that demonstrate the interconnections of the world around us, including life, family, and love, along with the growing concern for the earth’s preservation.

This is a beautifully written collection that allows the reader to pause and take note of the world around her.

One of my favorite poems in the collection is one by Carolyn titled “The Giraffe:”

 A tongue generous
as my head he reaches
for me, barriers no match
for his long neck, sniffs
my hair, kisses my face.
He unaware
he is endangered.
I unaware he might
be dangerous.

 This poem is a powerful, yet simple tribute to a majestic creature that is now an endangered species. Can you imagine a planet without the giraffe?

 Another poem in the collection that struck me is “Tipping Point” by Magdalena Ball: “[. . .] you eat and eat through four billion years of evolution now held loosely by one thread. [. . .] The future waits impatiently your decision.”

 Again, powerful, and revealing.

 Sublime Planet offers moving insight into the world around us and into a world that is in need of attention, and it certainly honors Earth Day. I highly recommend it.

 For those who aren’t aware of what Earth Day is, Senator Gaylord Nelson created this special day in the spring of 1970. The purpose behind it was to make everyone aware of all the toxins being spewed into the air and dumped in nearby streams or other waterways by manufacturing companies.

 At that time, there were no regulatory or legal safety nets to protect our planet, our environment. Senator Nelson took a stand and his cause quickly caught on.

The earth is our planet, our home, our responsibility, and we’re not doing such a good job protecting it.

 Sublime Planet is the perfect celebration for Earth Day (April 22nd).


Karen Cioffi is a multi-award-winning author, freelance/ghostwriter, and author online presence instructor. Give your writing and marketing efforts a boost with The Writing World newsletter. Get weekly tips and guidance, plus updates on free webinars, and TWO ebooks!

Sample Poems
Sublime Planet

Lost Decade

skin peels back
that smooth primate fašade.
The lizard smiles
so tell me again
until it makes sense
why, when
the mirage of reality
shimmers so brightly
rich greens and melting yellows
insect and rain
birdsong and flower scent
a million sensations
raising goosebumps
of wonder
do we wait
in overdrive
fear and disappointment
nudging for primacy
imaginary pain
blinding us to
trembling beauty.

      ~Magdalena Ball (c)

 An Offering for Malibu
Canyon’s Trees

Charcoal trees. After this fire
season you thrust upward

blackened-bark arms,
knuckles bare, twisted fingers dark,

reaching as if to grab what life
might let down from clouds

certain to flood gray.
Look down, not up. Grasses.

save mountain sheep
after San Jacinto’s drought, mule

deer before Mohave blooms soft,
the selfsame green of tulip spears

 before they stretch tender. Here
is what feeds you, the dark

DNA you gave up
in ashes, nature’s hardiest gift

grows there
your toes.

     ~Carolyn Howard-Johnson (c)

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 "Careers that are not fed die as readily
as any living organism given no sustenance." 
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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Celebrating Holidays with Poetry Chapbooks

Cover art by Vicki Thomas, Poetry by Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson

"Cherished Pulse is full of poems that describe love from the eyes and hearts of young and old. We see love in its youthful stage, stirring the hearts of man and woman alike and tying a bond that even death cannot break. As we continue reading, we understand that love deepens into an awesome, but quiet joy as the couple grows older. These poems renew our faith in love as they remind us of our own experience with this most sought after emotion."
~ Lucille P Robinson for Alternative-Read.com


Third in the Celebration of Chapbooks with Magdalena Ball, Imagining the Future is written expressly for fathers "and other masculine apparitions."

She Wore Emerald Then is a book of Moods of Motherhood: thirty poems by award-winning poets Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, with original photography by May Lattanzio. A beautifully presented, tender and strikingly original gift book, ideal for Mother's Day or any day when you want to celebrate the notion of motherhood in its broadest sense.  Share this collection with someone you love.

More on Blooming Red: Christmas Poetry for the Rational on this Web site.

Sublime Planet is an e-chapbook and paperback published in the time-honored tradition of poets everywhere. This collection of ecologically oriented poems traverses a wide terrain, moving from the loss of species to the beauty of the natural world, from drought to the exploration of alternative planets. It's an exhilarating collection that breaks boundaries and leads the reader deep into the personal heart of perception. Released by award winning poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball to celebrate Earth Day, this is a collection of poetry that weaves the personal with the universal. Photograpy by Ann Howley.

“Whatever your age these poems celebrating women will speak to you of times to look forward to or to remember. These are not poems to be read once. They will stay with you forever.” ~ Nancy Famolari, author.

Also by Carolyn:

Tracings is winner of the Military Society of America's Award of Excellence and named to the Compulsive Reader's Ten Best Reads of 2005

Imperfect Echoes is Carolyn's newest poetry book. Writing Truth and Justice with Capital Letters, lie and oppression with Small. 

Cover and interior art by Richard Conway Jackson
All proceeds go to Amnesty International