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True Self-Publishing*?
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You'll need a printer.
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Digital (POD) Printers

*True self publishing: You do everything yourself from formatting to indexing to the writing of it. Anything you can't do yourself (maybe book covers?) you hire out. Self publishing is not subsidy publishing or vanity publishing or, necessarily, POD publishing.

Other Writers' Resource Pages

 For media release disseminators content providers, and sites that accept book and author information at no cost.

 For how-to books for writers, reference books and books of inspiration for writers only! Any one will make a great companion to The Frugal Book Promoter and The Frugal Editor!  It includes a list of helpful free e-books and some CDs you can learn tons from, too!

For contests you can count on, and articles on how to promote using contests.  

For a list of book fairs, tradeshows, conferences and conventions. Your aid to planning ahead.

 For a list of writers' conferences. The Big and the Cozy. A list of book fairs, tradeshows, conferences and conventions. Your aid to planning ahead.

For a list of writers' programs at US universities. (There is a new Master of Science in Publishing listed!)

For the FREE Muse Online Writers Conference.

For a list of digital (print-on-demand) printers.

For a list of major review journals --including some that review POD-published books--and an article with suggestions for getting reviews.

For a list of small publishers.

For a list of book publicists.

For Writing Oriented Organizations, Promotion Services, Agents, Legal Help, Illustrators, Indexers, Writing Help, Editing, Event Planning, Author Friendly Radio, TV, Publishers, Author-Oriented Newsletters, Author-Related Charities, Author-Friendly Reviewers and Websites and More!

Digital Book Printers
For You to Consider

These are large digital printers (sometimes called print-on-demand). They are suggested only for those who want to truly self-publish. If this is your first effort at self publishing —remember self publishing is different from subsidy-publishing; that is when you have someone else help you publish your book under their ISBN code—For that I recommend you use a book shepherd like Joyce Faulkner at

Ames On-Demand, , no minimum quantity.

Arvato Print Us, , no minimum quantity

Axess Printing Solution, , no minimum quantity

Bookmasters,, 25 copy minimum

BookMobile,, 10 copy minimum

Colorcentric Corp,, no minimum quantity

Commercial Communication, Inc.,, no minimum quanity

Create Space, (owned by Amazon), no minimum

Digital Data Group Corp.,, 25 copy minimum

Edwards Brothers,, no minimum quantity

IBT Global/Integrated Book Technology,, no minimum quantity

Lightning Source,, no minimum quantity

Keystone Digital Press,, 100 copy minimum

King Printing,, 100 copy minimum

Malloy Inc,, 24 copy minimum

Media Litho,, 50 copy minimum

The P. A. Hutchison Co.,, 25 copy minimum

Quebecor World,, no minimum

Total Printing Systems,, 25 copy minimum

Transcontinental,, 200 copy minimum

Webcom Inc,, 50 copy minimum


Notice the title on this page. Digital printing is not just for your books. You may want to print booklets to help with your promoting, too. In fact, that's an ideal starter project for learning the ropes of true do-it-yourself printing. (Sometimes the word self publishing is used when people mean partner- or subsidy-publishing.) 

 Find at least one tip on writing, promotion or tech on every page of this Web site. 

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Links for media kits:
Resume focused on Carolyn's acting and modeling at LA Casting for photogaphers, casting directors, producers and others. (Agent Tag Models, 323-602-0344
Media kit focused on Carolyn's presentation skills for writers' conference, book fair program directors, and tradeshow planners.
Media Kit focused on Carolyn's writing for editors, producers, agents and Webmasters.
Media kit focused on Carolyn's retail industry experience as a writer, a speaker, and founder and owner of her own small chain of retail stores.

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Self-Published Promotional Booklets and Books

The Great First Impression Book Proposal, was published by Amazon until Amazon discontinues its short program. A situation like that is a perfect time to explore the wonders of self-publishing.

Great Little Last Minute Editing Tips is a self-published booklet intended as an an addendum to the multi award-winning Frugal Editor.

Carolyn's nonfiction books are often self published. That includes the HowToDoItFrugally series of books for retailers.

There is long tradition of self-published poetry chapbooks from Walden on. Carolyn's Celebration Series of poetry chapbooks written with Magdalena Ball were all proudly self-published.

Find helpful articles on writing go to this site's Free Articles 4 Readers and Editors.
This page includes Reviews for Riters (tm), how-to articles for writers, essays on tolerance, rants and more.

Don't forget to check out my list of books for writers on this site and in the appendixes of The Frugal Book Promoter and The Frugal Editor.

For resources and links galore, grab yourself a copy of the Frugal Book Promoter.

Buy Links for Carolyn's Books

Great Fiction
HARKENING at Amazon.

Great Poetry
Purchase TRACINGS (Finishing LIne Press) at Amazon.

Give the gift of poetry with a chapbook from Magdalena Ball's and
My Celebration Series

CHERISHED PULSE: Unconventional Love Poetry
IMAGINING THE FUTURE: Ruminations on Fathers and Other Masculine Apparitions
SHE WORE EMERALD THEN: Reflections on Motherhood
BLOOMING RED: Christmas Poetry for the Rational (Coming soon!)

HowToDoItFrugally Series for Writers

Survive and Thrive Series of HowToDoItFrugally Books for Retailers

Purchase audios for writers at Tri-Studio.

Most of Carolyn's books are also available for the Kindle reader.

 "Careers that are not fed die as
readily as any living organism given no sustenance." 
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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This booklet by Carolyn (only $6.95) will help you shop your book if you prefer not to publish on your own!


"I’m a writer who would love to have someone else take over the editing and proofreading stages of my manuscripts because I hate editing, proofreading, and rewriting. Ms. Howard-Johnson’s techniques and her encouragement from page to page of THE FRUGAL BOOK EDITOR lifts my spirits to the level where I can approach these hated tasks in a better attitude and get the job done. I advise all writers to obtain a copy of THE FRUGAL BOOK EDITOR and keep it handy as your write."  ~Lucille P. Robinson, reviewer for Alternative Read


Wow. What more can I say? [The Frugal Book Promoter is] interesting, informative, readable and more. Easy to follow, quotes and technique mixed in together wonderfully. This is an A-one job. Watch out world! I’m going to have to put it under my pillow ~ Leora G. Krygier, author of First the Raven and When She Sleeps


Just visiting your Web site gives me ideas and prompts me. It's very inspiring to meet and now know such an energetic fellow writer. You are wonderfully dedicated to our craft.
I was i... was quite impressed with their USA Book News' booth at Book Expo America and Jeff's efforts on all our behalf.
Loren Woodson, author of The Passion of Maryam  (Plain View Press, 2007)


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The New Book Review
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101 Book Blogs
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Best Book Award for The Frugal Book Promoter (2004) and The Frugal Editor (2008).

Reader Views Literary Award for The Frugal Editor

New Generation Award for Marketing and Finalist for The Frugal Editor

Book Publicists of Southern California's Irwin Award

Military Writers Award of Excellence for
Tracings, A Chapbook of Poetry.

A Retailer's Guide to Frugal In-Store Promotion wins author Military Writers Society of America's Author of the Month award for March 2010

And more than a dozen other awards for Carolyn's novel, short story collection and poetry. See the awards page on this site.

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