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A Publisher

Fom J. D. Vine Publications blog

As you know, J. D. Vine Publications is dedicated to helping writers achieve.  This is why we post writing tips in our blogs.  Today I have a book recommendation that can help writers like you get published.

If you are a writer, you're also an editor.  Don't wait for your story to reach someone like me before it has been carefully edited.  If you want to be a professional writer, your work must be of a professional caliber.  The Frugal Editor by Carolyn Howard-Johnson is a book that could help writers of all skill levels increase the professionalism of their copy.  Reading and using the techniques in this book could make the difference of not being accepted for publication in the Creative Writer or becoming the series next Featured Author.

After the announcements were made of the writers chosen for publication in the first book of the Creative Writer series, a contestant wrote me to ask how he could be on the next list of writers to be published.  I reviewed writing samples he provided.  His story ideas were as good as any printed, but his copy was nearly unbearable to read.  He didn't have control of written language.  I wrote this young writer back and encouraged him, discussing rewriting and editing.  As I wrote, I thought about how important the editing process can be for highly skilled writers.

Being a small publication company, J. D. Vine Publications is much more forgiving than most when it comes to copy.  However, when two stories are being considered for the last slot in a publication, the decision often boils down to which is going to take less time in the editing process.  Likewise, the smallest typo in one story or the proper use of an arcane rule of grammar in another can be the tie-breaker, deciding which story wins its author $150.00 and the title of Featured Author.

The Frugal Editor will help you give your copy the edge it needs to be chosen over the competition.  This book won't just help your submissions to J. D. Vine Publications, but to any publication you send your work to.  For more information about this book and others Carolyn Howard-Johnson has written to help writers succeed, visit  I'm reminded of one of my professors from when I was studying for my Bachelor's Degree in English: Creative Writing.  He always said, "The world only wants your best."  Give it to them.

As Sarah would say, that's it from the Grape-Vine.  Thanks for stopping by.

A Different Perspective
from someone who writes poetry, plays, and novels

A different breed of cat
Five of five stars
By Ray Malus "Java explorer"

Let me tell you, it's intimidating to post a review of a book by someone who writes so well and knows so much. But here goes:

Besides 'rejected,' a writer's least loved word is probably 'editor.' Editors can seem arbitrary, arrogant, and impossible to please -- a cat with claws, a necessary evil, with the emphasis on both words. 'The Frugal Editor' is (if the author will pardon a cliche) an entirely different breed of cat -- one well-worth adopting. Howard-Johnson writes in a friendly, personable style and takes the mystery (and threat) out of much of the editor's job. This is a book that sits comfortably next to your keyboard, waiting for you to ask questions, and supplying answers along with a big dose of encouragement.

I hope I'm not misunderstood when I say that it's hard to think of the author as an editor. She seems more like the kind of person you meet for a glass of wine, and complain to ABOUT your editor. The kind of person who then pats your hand, tells you you're absolutely right -- and then explains why you should do what your editor is telling you to do.
Writing and editing are enormous subjects. A book this size cannot possibly cover all of the material in full -- nor would it be able to reconcile the differences in style and opinion that exist. But Howard-Johnson covers the basics (and some frills), and does it in a clear and informative way.

For some, the book will take the place of an editor. (God Bless those folks.) For others, it will point out the need for outside help. For all it is an enjoyable read, a good companion, a font of information -- and well worth the price.

~The reviewer is a novelist, playwright, and poet.

An Editor

Reviewed by Mindy  Phillips Lawrence for

  • The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success

  • By Carolyn Howard-Johnson


From the moment that humans learned to write, scribes have fussed, fumed and fought with the written word.  In The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success, Carolyn Howard-Johnson deals with these frustrations in a humorous but professional manner in her new book from Red Engine Press.  I took the tome for a test-drive over coffee this morning and found myself laughing more than I had since I read Bill Walsh’s “Comma Sutra” chapter from Lapsing into a Comma (McGraw-Hill, 2000).  I laughed with a purpose.  This book is REALLY GOOD!

Carolyn begins by letting even the best and brightest who aced English know why they need her book, as well they do. It keeps people with doctorates in education from writing things like “I r smart” and embarrassing themselves permanently.  The Frugal Editor discusses types of editing, how to organize your writing environment, what goes on in the mind of the literary agent and the details of the editing process.  A section of the book handles the tools available on your computer – be it WORD’s Tracking Mode or the Internet – to help you create a near-perfect submission.  She has also included appendices on editing at a glance, common errors, recommended reading and listening, a listing of contributing literary agents, sample cover and query letters and other writing aides.

If you want to write and act like a professional writer, this book clearly says not to go it alone.  Be frugal, but be willing to pay someone that knows what they are doing when the time comes.  If you do find an editor for your work, listen to them.

This is an excellent and lively resource for ALL writers.  It’s a training manual to make you think like Sherlock Holmes as you go through your writing so you will leave no adverb at peace and no dangling modifier dangling.

The Respected Midwest Book Review

Reviewed by Mayra Calvani 


The Frugal Editor:
Subtitle: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success
First Edition
By Carolyn Howard-Johnson
ISBN: 978-0-9785158-7-4
Paperback, 208 pages, $18.95
Reviewed by Mayra Calvani for Dark Phantom Wordpress, B&N, Habitual Reader, Associated Content, American Chronicle, Ezine Articles, Midwest Book Review  and August issues of The Fountain Pen and Voice in the Dark newsletters

The publishing world is so incredibly competitive nowadays, both aspiring and experienced authors who wish to succeed need to make sure that their submissions—be that queries, proposals, partials or complete manuscripts—are as flawless as they can possibly be. It goes without saying that these submissions must be free of spelling and grammatical mistakes; that’s only the beginning. Editors and agents pay attention to a lot of other amateurish mistakes in a submission. In this her latest book, award-winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson reveals what those other mistakes are, what you can do to spot them on your manuscript and, more importantly, correct them.  

Howard-Johnson demystifies how to spot dangling participles, gremlins of the passive voice (which stubbornly keep appearing after having edited your manuscript twice), and innocuous agreement errors, among other sneaky problems like overuse of adverbs and adjectives, gerunds, unnecessary question marks and exclamation points, handling possessives and apostrophes, hyphens, double adjectives, and more.
You’ll learn how to make the editing process more effortless, including how to set up your Word program to make markings easier, as well as manual and electronic techniques for spotting errors. The book also includes helpful sidebars with particularly important information on all aspects of self editing.
Johnson also discusses the most common amateurish mistakes writers often make.  At the end of the book there is a chunky appendix with lots of pertinent and relevant resources.
One of the things I found more interesting about this book is the ‘inside’ information from the point of view of various agents. I also think Johnson gives very valuable advice when she recommends NOT doing the final two edits on the computer screen, but on printed copy instead. I particularly like the chapters on how to set up Word for optimizing the self editing process; I have read many books on editing but never came upon this practical element before. Moreover, Johnson writes in a friendly, engaging style, making the reading of this book both an enjoyable and enlightening experience.
Ideally, hiring a professional editor is the best way to go, but unfortunately, not every writer has the resources to hire one. Getting a copy of The Frugal Editor and using it as a reference guide is the next best thing. Highly recommended for authors who are serious about their work and willing to beat the odds.

Note: The Frugal Editor is now in its second edition, updated and expanded.

An Author and Author Advocate

The following review is a prepublished review by Cheryl Wright, editor of, author and freelance writer.

2006 – All rights reserved 

The Frugal Editor:
Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success    

Second in the How to Do It Frugally series

Many writers wrongly believe an editor (or publisher) will overlook their editing errors if the story is suitable.  They couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having your book edited by a professional is by far the best option, but the cost is generally out of reach for most writers. Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward To Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success teaches writers how to self-edit; something I believe all writers should know how to do.

Howard-Johnson discusses ways to eliminate passive writing (one of my pet hates), and gives practical tips for using hyphens, prefixes, and apostrophes.  She also shares her expertise on the correct usage of find and replace, as well as many other little-known techniques used in professional editing.

In the vein of The Frugal Book Promoter, Howard-Johnson’s The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward To Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success will become a well-used reference for writers around the world.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson and her husband Lance G. Johnson,
author of Everything Asians Need to Know About Americans A to Z,
editing his book at home. His book is published in China in simplified Chinese by Oriental Press in Ukranian in Ukraine and in English where is available on Amazon US and all other Amazon sites. Learn more.


The more you know about grammar, the better writer you will be. Yes, you will!  Learn more the fun way and if you buy The Frugal Book Promoter along with the Frugal Editor on Amazon, you'll probably get free shipping.  Tip from the Frugal Editor: Break the rules but only when you know that you're breaking them and why and be positive that your independence will do your career no harm.

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Reviewed by Suzie Housley for


The Frugal Editor:

Subtitle: Put your best book forward to avoid humiliation and ensure success

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson

First Edition

Red Engine Press

ISBN-10: 0978515870

ISBN-13: 978-0978515874

Non-Fiction/Self Help


We are the products of editing, rather than of authorship.

~George Wald


The time has come when you as an author take that final step to write the last word that brings your book to closure.  For many a sigh of relief is felt but it is short lived.  The hard part comes when it is time to edit the finished product to make it publication worthy.  Whether you are an experienced author or new to the craft it is essential to realize that all finished work requires a highly skilled editor.


Millions of books are published each year.  In order for anyone’s book to have a fighting chance against all of the stiff competition it must be free of any glaring grammar errors.  It is crucial that every author has the knowledge and skill that is required to recognize good editing services.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s The Frugal Editor: Put your best book forward to avoid humiliation and ensure success is the vital ingredient needed for any author to experience publication success.  In this one book you will find all the knowledge it takes to educate yourself on how to tell if an editor is a professional, or just someone who is able to recognize a typo. 


By far ever author who wishes to become published should definitely add this title as a must have to their book collection.  With Carolyn Howard-Johnson being your guide to learning the ins and outs of editing you are assured to gain the knowledge needed to make publishing an easy task.  Very highly recommended.

Alternative Read

Reviewed by Lucille Robinson for Alternative Read

Permission given by reviewer to reprint with credits.

Title: The Frugal Book Editor:
Subtitle: Put Your Best Book Forward To Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success
Author: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Publisher: Red Engine Press
Genre: Nonfiction/Self-Help for Writers
Format: Out of print. Second edition available as e-book and paperback.

This book serves as a desk reference for any writer who composes any type of writing. Written in a conversational style, THE FRUGAL BOOK EDITOR offers instruction on one topic at a time thereby making the whole process of editing much more manageable. Encouragement for those of us who are easily frustrated with the ‘cleaning up’ stages of our manuscripts highlights the instruction.

One may approach the book in several ways. Read THE FRUGAL BOOK EDITOR from beginning to end to get a good idea of what Ms. Howard-Johnson is offering as well as a good understanding of her conversational style. Once an overall read is completed, a writer may use the contents or index to zero in on the part he/she needs at any given time.

I’m a writer who would love to have someone else take over the editing and proofreading stages of my manuscripts because I hate editing, proofreading, and rewriting. Ms. Howard-Johnson’s techniques and her encouragement from page to page of THE FRUGAL BOOK EDITOR lifts my spirits to the level where I can approach these hated tasks in a better attitude and get the job done. I advise all writers to obtain a copy of THE FRUGAL BOOK EDITOR and keep it handy as your write.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson has studied writing at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, UK: Herzen University in St. Petersburg, RU, and Charles University in Prague. Ms. Howard-Johnson is a lecturer, an instructor, and a writer. She has appeared on TV and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. She received the award Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment by members of the California Legislature. She has also published a nitty-gritty how-to book, THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER that won USA Book News' "Best Professional Book 2004" and a chapbook of poetry, TRACINGS (Finishing Line Press). She loves to travel. Find more information about her at

Readers Network

Reviewed by Charlene Austin,
Editor of Writers and Readers Network and Writing Road

Review of: The Frugal Editor
Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success. 
By: Carolyn Howard-Johnson 
Publisher: Red Engine Press
ISBN: 978-0-9785158-7-4

Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of "The Frugal Book Promoter: How to do What Your Publisher Won’t," adds another generous offering to the Frugal series, a professionals guide to professional manuscript presentation in her new book, "The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book  Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success."

No matter how much we study and learn, no matter how proficient, knowledgeable, and skilled we become with language, grammar,  punctuation, and spelling, Carolyn tells us little gremlins are always chipping away at our work. And they are sneaky. They hide in the little chips and holes and errors from our creative sight so we see only the intended message on the page.

With simple words and easy step-by-step sidebar instruction boxes"The Frugal Editor" zooms in on all those tricky little problems "gremlins" that haunt every writer, and teaches you the tools and steps to hunt down and eradicate them. You'll discover you can tame that risky, frisky spell and grammar check word editor on your computer, so it actually works for you, and how to effectively use your word program's tools to ensure proper formatting. And more. Beginner or master will find helpful tips and information for professional presentation in "The Frugal Editor."

Every writer, no matter their skill level dreads that four letter word: Edit. Every writer is haunted by gremlins. Arm yourself with Carolyn  Howard-Johnson's "The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward  to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success." for a frugal, successful hunt  and an acceptance feast when editors and publishers feast their eyes on your polished work.

Charlene Austin writes fiction under the pen name Carrie Lynn Lyons. She is the author of several short stories and her novel, book one of the Carnival Soul Trilogy: Dream Pictures is available from Mundania Press.

A Listserve Owner

Reviewed by Billie A. Williams,
listmom for Yahoo Group Word_Mage

The Frugal Editor
By Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Red Engine Press
Branson, Missouri
Copyright 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9785158-7-4
Paperback, 208 pages, $18.95

How to Get a Leg Up on Six Million Other Authors

In this day an age, when according to some studies, over 81 percent of Americans feel they should write a book and more than six million of them actually have at least written the manuscripts. What are your chances of getting published when that is just over two percent of the population? Most of these manuscripts however, are doomed to failure because they don’t understand the intricacies of polishing (read that as editing) their manuscripts before sending them out, and/or hiring an editor to give it the final tweak before they send them off.

According to a recent article by Robert McCrum in The Observer and I quote,

“…according to the New York Times, there's a new book published in the United States every half an hour, and - wait for it - that's just fiction. RR Bowker, the company that compiles the Books in Print database in the USA, has calculated that no fewer than 175,000 new titles were published in 2003. That's one book roughly every 20 seconds.” And as you can imagine that trend has only increased since then.  As McCrum says, the new books have the shelf life of yogurt, but that quality will always stand above the rest and will persevere.  So how do you bring that quality to your own work?

The Frugal Editor by Carolyn Howard-Johnson is like having an editor in a box, or more correctly, between two covers of a book. Concise down-to-earth advice about how to edit your manuscript before you even begin to think about sending it out into the red pencil world of publishers, where their editors get the first chance to evaluate your hard work.

Frugal Editor is a veritable thesaurus of how to spot the gremlins that can mess up your prose. If edits and editors paralyze you with fear, take heart. Carolyn Howard-Johnson makes the whole process palatable. She intersperses her directives with light hearted humor making the whole process nearly enjoyable.

If there is an error your manuscript could contain, you’ll find the method for search and eradication in this delightful book. You’ll want to read it cover to cover, but then you will keep it by your side as you write, rewrite and edit so you can be frugal when you do decided to hire that editor to give it one last polish before you submit it anywhere. As Howard-Johnson says; “The lesson here for all of us is that attention to detail and craft counts, and that even experienced writers can flub an opportunity if they don’t pay attention to the last great step toward publishing, a good edit.”

Howard-Johnson explains the difference between and editor and a typo hunter. She also cautions that “…no matter how skilled an editor is, the author needs to know a lot about the process too. The cleaner the copy you hand over to your editor, the more accurate she can be and her edit may cost you less in time and money.” When Howard-Johnson says frugal in her book titles she means it and she goes to great lengths to insure the reader gets her/his money worth by providing resources with links, examples of the often scary Query letter construction, and more. She doesn’t leave the reader high and dry at any point. Further advice or learning is a matter of using the comprehensive index to find the detail you need and then following the advice, link or resource mentioned to guide you in your search for excellence.

The twenty plus pages of appendices is not mere fluff or padding of book length or word count, it is more than a bibliography of recommended reading (though it also contains that). You will find samples and links such as the query letters mentioned above, helpful groups to investigate, grammar helps and books. It’s hard to believe more could be contained in any book on your shelf. Spare no gremlin—search and destroy, polish and perfect before you send out your hard work. This book is the tool to help you do that. I highly recommend this power house of methods and means that will not only enhance your chances of publication, it will help you make any publishing house sit up and take notice – perhaps even pushing your book to the coveted best-seller lists faster than you ever imagined.

Midwest Review

Reviewed by Christy Tillery French 

The Frugal Editor

As the literary market continues to tighten its proverbial belt, today’s writer must assume more of the responsibilities surrounding book publishing than ever before. No longer can a writer depend on a publisher or agent to accept a manuscript in need of editing, and submitting a manuscript that isn’t as near perfect as possible will, in all probability, result in rejection. To the rescue comes acclaimed author Carolyn Howard-Johnson with The Frugal Editor, the latest in her How to Do It Frugally series. This little gem is a must-have for any writer, published or not, bestselling or unknown. Filled with valuable tips, The Frugal Editor touches on all aspects of self-editing, such as how to spot common grammatical errors, from superfluous adverbs to confusing dangling participles, as well as how to organize the workspace, format the manuscript, and use Word’s tools to the fullest. Also included are sample query and cover letters, and pointers on correcting intrusive taglines, when to use an ellipsis, and correct spacing, to name a few. The book takes the reader step-by-step through the editing process, from rough draft to galley. No questions are left unanswered, no topics left uncovered. This generous writer goes so far as to recommend resources through other books and Web sites, with plenty of advice from agents and editors.

The Frugal Editor is one of those reference books every writer should have by their computer for constant use and study. Highly recommended.

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“Good editing is like honest business accounting: If you don’t have it, you end up with a mess. The Frugal Editor is a must for the novice writer who needs to make that ideal first impression and the writer with a tenth book hitting the shelves who has become complacent about his brilliant prose.”
Kristin Johnson, author and writing consultant

"Wow, what a great book, what an eye opener! I loved it . . ."
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It has been said that only a fool represents himself in court or edits his own book. The Frugal Editor will help an author do just that if she insists but it will also help her get her query letters, media releases, book proposals and cover letters past the critical eyes of gatekeepers who have the power to nix her project.  The tip? Do it yourself if you must, but do it right.

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